Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation LVR – This is a laser-assisted technique to tighten the vaginal vault results in sexual enhancement for both the patient and her partner. It draws on gynecological training and understanding of the pelvic anatomy. Additional techniques from the LVRIA institute, under the training of Dr. Matlock, offer astounding aesthetic and functional results that give the patient a ‘new vagina’. She will describe, it felt loose to both me and my partner and now it is tight. Intercourse is way more enjoyable according to the patients and is supported in a study from a large cohort of patients who took surveys both pre and post procedure.

Dr. N is a high volume surgeon in the area of Vaginal Rejuvenation. She has been performing these techniques for 30 years and is a master surgeon in this field.  The vagina is surgically repaired using an innovative Laser Technique that allows minimal blood loss and cosmetic techniques so the vagina is repaired with the detail one would repair a face. Absorbable sutures are involved, muscles and fascia are put together and excess skin is removed. Women are under general anesthesia and go home the same day. Patients experience a new vagina after a 4-6 week healing time where they can ‘do their life’ all the while ‘resting the pelvis’ to allow healing. Intercourse is tighter, and the bladder and bowels often function better. Sexual partners AND patients experience a transformed vaginal experience.

Dr. N is an associate of Dr. David Matlock in Beverly Hills, who revolutionized the specialty of surgical laser vaginal rejuvenation. She did surgical training at the LVR Institute under his direct guidance. After 20 years in the specialty of surgical gynecology and vaginal surgery, she realized the merit of vaginal surgery to enhance sexuality. Women who do not like the appearance of the external genitalia can have a surgical correction to allow for a more aesthetic result.  This can be something they are born with, the result of aging or childbirth. Patients will also present, at times, with a feeling that the vagina is too loose. This can affect their sexual response and sensation during sexual intercourse. Techniques have been developed to allow for precise correction with very little blood loss. It is a laser surgical technique that can tighten the vaginal vault and allow for enhanced satisfaction for the patient and her partner. This is aesthetic surgery that is carried out in a day surgery setting. Dr. N will help the patient, through consultation; establish if there is an anatomic problem to her difficulties. Dr. N is excited about bringing this option for patients to the Northwest.