Dr. N is Board Certified Surgeon as part of her Obstetrical and Gynecological training. Dr. N is a high volume surgeon. She offers the full spectrum of Gyn surgery and maintains competency in up to date technology.

She offers:

  • Office based hysteroscopy and Ablation to manage heavy periods
  • Office based procedures to treat abnormal Pap smears / LEEP
  • Placement of all types of Intrauterine devices and complicated removals
  • Hospital-based procedures including Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy and removal
    Of Ovaries
  • Hospital-based procedures for correction of Stress Incontinence or leaky bladder
  • Robotic Surgery for treatment of uterine or ovarian conditions
  • Consultation with General surgeons for evaluation of Gyn conditions
  • Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Treatment of Endometriosis
  • Management of Uterine Fibroids and Pelvic Masses
  • Surgical Managment of Ovarian Cysts (not Cancer)
  • Vaginal Surgery including hysterectomy and repair of cystocele (dropped bladder), rectocele( herniation of rectum into the vagina) and uterine prolapse.

Dr. N enjoys the art of surgery and prides herself on the aesthetic management of surgical technique. Dr. N has had a busy surgical practice and looks forward to helping women with this personal decision by explaining the process in an understandable and cooperative manner.

DaVinci® Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgical Technology is a rapidly growing field that enhances a surgeon’s ability to perform minimally invasive surgery.  Dr. N has incorporated this technology into her surgical repertoire to keep pace with this rapidly growing field.  It allows patients to avoid large incisions, long hospital stay and return to normal functioning sooner.   This amazing technology allows anatomic angles and views never seen through traditional laparoscopic surgery.  It allows for small incisions yet complex procedures due to the enhanced computerized, precision.  Dr. N points out  “I can see the anatomy so much better” which allows for superior vision, precision, dexterity, and control.  She points out that “I am doing the surgery” but the technology enhances her techniques and choices and the patients go home the same day and back to work soon because the tissue disruption is so minimal.  They have great pain control, less blood loss, quicker return to normal activities and work.  While it is not a technology that everyone needs,  it is an amazing asset to a surgeon’s skill set.  It requires special training and certification. “ I think it is important that your surgeon has all the choices available that technology has to offer,  if not they should refer,” says Dr. N.

Dr. N uses Robotic-assisted technology to assist hysterectomies, treat endometriosis, remove ovarian growths or remove fibroids where patients want to preserve the uterus.   She carries out these surgeries at Legacy Meridian Park Hospital.

Dr. N is a da Vinci ® trained Robotic Surgeon.