Vaginal Tightening

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Dear Dr N-  My doctor will not discuss a procedure to tighten things up,  what do you recommend?  I have tried Kegels and it is not working. signed  AM

Dear  A-  It takes alot of courage to bring up the issue you are addressing either for you or your partner.  There are gyn procedures to help you both in and out of the hospital.  Unfortunately , insurance companies do not have a code for this diagnosis and some doctors are not comfortable discussing this problem.  Get a second opinion.  Even if you do not have a cystocele or rectocele,  correction of the vaginal walls and deeper structures results in dramatic changes in the vaginal tone.   Keep asking questions and find the right provider to help you.  Your perceptions are your own and they are valid. Ihope our readers will weigh in on the subject.  signed Dr N