Menopausal and Hormonal Issues, Traditional and compounding hormones

Dr. N offers a full spectrum of choices for perimenopausal and menopausal women. Menopause is a time in a women’s life where the ovarian reserve is depleted and periods stop. This is a complex time in a women’s life starting in her forties 2-7 years before her periods stop. There are over 30 symptoms that can develop and each woman has her own profile.

After years of practice Dr. N has realized that menopause is a journey that each woman needs to navigate on her own with her provider. Dr. N offers both FDA approved approaches and alternative solutions to this passage. After initial consultation, a treatment plan is developed that needs to be modified annually to best suit the patients needs. In line with the American College of Ob/Gyn, Dr N supports a symptom approach to menopausal management rather than expensive blood or salivary levels unless they are indicated.

A custom package for hormonal management will be offered for the patient that requires more frequent contact with Dr. N. Annual consultation for women in transition often does not suffice. Please call for more information.