Dr. N and her colleagues take a compassionate approach to family planning. Each individual’s belief systems are taken into account.  Options ranging from Natural Family Planning, Barriers and Spermicides, Intrauterine Devices (all kinds), Nexplanon and Oral contraceptives are discussed.  Permanent Sterilization including tubal occlusion or removal and Essure (tubal coils) are available.

To have children or not, is your decision.

Family planning entails responsible management of reproduction.

Services include:

  • Hormonal contraception which comes in many forms, oral tablets with shortened menses, vaginal hormonal contraception, (Nuva Ring) or transdermal (through the skin Ortho Evra patch)
  • Hormone injections DepoProvera
  • Hormonal implant Nexplanon
  • Intrauterine devices Mirena, Kyleena, Skyla, and ParaGuard
  • Natural family planning
  • Permanent Sterilization performed in day surgical setting
  • Counseling regarding barrier and spermicidal methods
  • Diaphram fitting
  • Essure, transuterine placement of coils to obstruct the fallopian