G spot orgasm

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Dear Dr N- I use to have the big O with inside stimulation, now its gone. I miss it. I can get there outside but its not as …. well, you know. as WOW. What can I do? signed missing it.

Dear Missing- You are one of the about 20% of women that experience climax with Intercourse without requiring outside stimulation. The loss of the G spot-O can be found! I find it can be prolapse that separates the spot from the neurovascular bundle and repositioning things with LVR, laser vaginal rejuvenation is a GOOD think in this area. It not only tightens things but brings the Gspot back into the playing field. If prolapse is not a part of the issue, the gshot is a fun alternative to heightened sensitivity in this area. Lasts 4-6 months and gets rave reviews for patients where this is an errogenous zone. For those of you that have not found this spot, it might be an adventure that you can still have. Or you might enjoy other things. Don’t judge, discover. Dr N